Innsbruck as an economic hub

Around 1500, Innsbruck was one of the main centres of Early Modern capitalism. Rich silver deposits at Schwaz brought about rapid economic growth and increasing wealth. The professions of blacksmith, forger, and iron caster became very popular. Armour, cannons, and bells were produced in Innsbruck. The exhibition features the ceremonial armour of Emperor Maximilian I, elaborate suits of armour, weapons, and bells from the time of Maximilian I.


The Maximilian armour, very popularly worn between 1500 and 1530, consists of a plate, which is decorated with etched flutings that have been gilded.  Such precious armours were often produced by the Innsbruck court armour manufactory owned by Matthäus Lang von Wellenburg, a close confidant of Maximilian I. 

Kaiser Maximilian I. Rüstung aus Innsbruck, Werkstätte Seusenhofer

Cuirassier for field and tournament by Matthaeus Lang/Seusenhofer (KHM)