“He who does not provide for his memory while he lives, will not be remembered after his death…” 

This quote of his underlines the significance the Emperor attached to “memoria”: He had his biography (Weisskunig), an adventure novel (Theuerdank), and a tournament book (Freydal) written, and commissioned the construction of a gate and triumphal procession in his honour. To do so, he relied on a medium that had just been invented: book printing. The memorial in the Court Church of the Imperial Palace Innsbruck, with its bronze statues and cenotaph, constitutes the highlight of Gedechtnus. The exhibition seeks to digitally revive this significant piece of art.


Court painter to Emperor Maximilian I, Jörg Kölderer created 30 coloured pen drawings for the figures in the Court Church. The figure of count Albrecht IV of Habsburg, which was cast in Innsbruck, was designed by Albrecht Dürer.

Maximilian I. Jörg Kölderer, Albrecht IV. English

Album with 30 pen drawings, Kölderer (1522/23), coloured pen drawings of the figures in the Court Church (Austrian National Library)