Money and Finance

The silver mined in Schwaz was turned into coins in Hall, famous examples of which are the Taler and the Guldiner, which were known all over Europe. Important merchant families such as the Fuggers opened trading posts abroad and invested in businesses and industry, especially mining. Maximilian I, deeply indebted, had to give part of the Schwaz silver mine to Jakob Fugger the Rich in order to meet his increasing financial obligations. Maximilian I sent a legation to Russia, thus participating in the worldview-altering European Age of Exploration.


Members of the distinct lines of the House of Fugger are depicted in pairs according to their coats of arms. The descriptions are adorned with ornamentations, medals, animals and putti. This illustration depicts Jakob Fugger the Rich together with his wife, Sybilla Arzt.

Kaiser Maximilian I. Ehrenbuch der Fugger

The Secret Book of Honour (Ehrenbuch) of the Fuggers (Bavarian State Library in Munich)