The Imperial Palace Innsbruck

Historical plans and layouts as well as archaeological evidence provide information on the late Gothic Imperial Palace Innsbruck. For the exhibition, a 3D model has been created. The model tells the story of the city as it was around the year 1500. Furthermore, it highlights the measures taken by Maximilian I in his role as builder and urban developer. Which functions and uses were assigned to the single rooms of the Imperial Palace Innsbruck? Where was the “Women’s Quarter,” or the Emperor’s apartments? And where was Maximilian’s lathe? These are but some of the questions this part of the exhibition will answer.


The painting depicts the inner courtyard of the late medieval fortress; it extends to the “Women’s Quarters” (Frauenzimmer) in the east, where Bianca Maria Sforza used to live. Emperor Maximilian I’s apartments faced Rennweg Street.

Kaiser Maximilian I. - Albrecht Dürer: Hofburg zu Innsbruck mit Wolken

View of the Imperial Palace with clouds by Albrecht Dürer (Albertina)